Schizophrenia Society of Canada

The Schizophrenia Society of Canada is working hard in every walk of life to make sure that the Canadians enjoy a good mental health. The current project which has been undertaken by the society is that it allows the youth to take the active part in the events so that they can learn about the effects of marijuana on mental health. The cannabis used is highly disregarded by the society for all especially youth. The detailed and comprehensive report has been forwarded by the society to all aspiring youth groups in Canada.

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Psychosis: Understanding what it is

“A sick thought can devour the body’s flesh more than fever or consumption.”

Guy de Maupassant

In a world where people don’t quite understand the thin line between being insane and being mentally ill, the word ‘psychosis’ paints a bleak reality for the one suffering through it.

In simple terms, psychosis is a phenomenon that that takes the roots of the mind away from reality. People exhibiting psychosis lose track of what’s real and what’s not.

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